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Showcasing virtual reality at the International Business Festival in Liverpool

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VR headsets on a stand at the International Business Festival.
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The 5 ‘foundations’ of the Industrial Strategy are completely relevant to how EON Reality operates.

So it was a natural fit to engage and demonstrate the latest virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) with public and private stakeholders from across the UK.

The event is proving an engaging and exciting way to knit business across Northern Powerhouse.

Showcasing our business at the International Business Festival in Liverpool has so far been an extraordinary experience for EON Reality.

Delivering our award-winning virtual reality and cloud data training experience software, Virtual Trainer, at the event to government officials and business leaders is proof of the innovation which can flourish and be celebrated in the UK.

We use the power of VR and behavioural data to provide powerful learning experiences and trackable results.

Virtual Trainer was developed in Manchester and is a success story of innovation in the Northern Powerhouse, which is competing at a global level.

It forms part of our Augmented Virtual Reality platform, designed to transform flat, 2D learning materials and lesson planning itself into both virtual classrooms and remote learning experiences that build muscle memory, long-term memory, track learning outcomes, and expand access to what can typically be incredible expensive scenario training for businesses and educational institutions.

At IBF, we showed a fully interactive, multi-user VR version of an oil pump, with a lesson planned generated from a series complex operations procedures. Usually, expensive machines need to be taken offline, or even shipped from city to city several times to facilitate this kind of training. However, VR training makes this a relic. VR training is at the forefront of Industry 4.0.

Our work spans across education and enterprise, with a focus on using VR and AR to drive engagement and training which closes knowledge gaps. In our years of business, we have found this to be in skills training and STEM subjects, with applications such as our engineering and medical VR and AR. However, so much more needs to be done in Britain to address this growing need.

At EON Reality in Manchester and beyond, we are focused on the use of these new digital interfaces and AI as empowering the progression of humanity and global economics.

It’s certainly a grand vision, but it works granularly. We foresee a future where VR and AR is the computing interface for faster upskilling, faster knowledge transfer, for education and for delivering the correct data at the perfect time, when it’s needed.

As Industry 4.0 gathers pace, we find that employers are working to overhaul their operations to accommodate new entrants who need the advantages of experiential knowledge alongside their expectations of flexible working.

For investors and business leaders pacing across the stands at IBF, we were not only able to tell them, but let them experience this for themselves.

VR and AR used in enterprise training, and is about delivering the right insights from big data at the right time.

For EON Reality to grow, this means developing and using advanced AI to support enterprise, healthcare and education alike with a means of providing learning, development and experiences in a future-focused, personalised and engaging way.

We are hugely excited at the prospect of the government’s calls to put AI and Data at the top of the UK innovation agenda.

We are a US-based business, but our own Northern Powerhouse site in Manchester is the operations base: conducting R&D, driving product creation, rolling out back-end infrastructure and teaching VR and AR creation skills at our private academy.

We are really proud to be selected for IBF, because EON Reality is a unique company that sits on a huge vision for the present and the future delivery of learning and development.

The International Business Festival takes place at Exhibition Centre Liverpool in Kings Dock until 28 June. Tickets are still available..

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